First Half-a-Million Baby on the Way?The Telugu films released in the USA post the COVID lockdown had a tough time because the US audiences weren’t ready to take the risk and come to the theatres to watch the movies. However, ‘Uppena’ showed a better trend collecting nearly $200 K.

Now, the newly released ‘Jathi Rathnalu‘ seems to have been changing the game altogether and looks like it’s going to be the first half-a-million baby after the lockdown. The movie has collected $123 K from the premieres and it’s all set to enter the $500 K post-COVID club very soon.

The entertainment factor and Naveen Polishetty on board worked for the film big time and it’s unanimously getting a blockbuster talk from all over. Especially, ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ has been buzzing in the Telugu States with a superb talk from common audiences and good reviews from critics.

The right movie at the right time and the right actor with the right script have done the job very neatly for us and therefore, here we see an upward trend regarding audiences who are now willing to go to theatres for the sake of entertainment.