Janatha Garage Final US Collections, Janatha Garage Total US Collections, Janatha Garage 2 Million Overseas Collections, NTR Janatha Garage 2 Million MarkEven after Janatha Garage becoming NTR’s biggest hit till date, things are looking a bit tough for the action entertainer in its second week. Especially the overseas collections have dropped down heavily in the last few days.

The film collected only $16k yesterday in the US and is struggling to reach the two million mark now. With the collections crossing the $161k mark now it is along way ahead for this film to the 2 million mark.

Adding upon that is the release of Jyo Atchutananda which is opened to positive reviews all over today expected to dent a portion of Janatha’s collections. Even back home things are getting a bit tough for the film as the collections have dropped down. Even though the 2 million mark looks possible but one needs to wait and watch as to how much time the film will take to reach that target.

For now NTR is happy and is celebrating all over with his family and friends list. Why not he just got the biggest hit of his career.