Janatha Garage Midnight Shows Canceled, Janatha Garage Overseas Early Premiers Canceled,Janatha Garage Benefit Shows Canceled,Janatha Garage Shows CancelledEverything looked solid till now for new Young Tiger NTR film Janatha Garage. The combination, the buzz and timing of its release, everything worked in its favor. It is allowing the film to have massive release across the world. In fact, it was following the footsteps of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, which released earlier in the year, in this aspect. But is there a U-turn at this last moment?

The buzz in the trade all of a sudden is that all the planned midnight shows across the two Telugu states have been pushed back. All the shows are now expected to start only from early morning instead of midnight as earlier proclaimed. And no, there are no GO’s or any force behind making this happen rather it’s a decision taken by the team.

Even in US where Janatha Garage was expected to follow footsteps of Rajinikanth’s Kabali and have early shows, but now pushed back.

This sudden shift in release strategy is baffling the fans. Here’s hoping the makers have a solid reason for this last minute change in having early shows.