Pawan Kalyan has once again assured that his party is in for the long term goals and is not looking at any short term gains in the upcoming elections. Now the actor has revealed his party’s policy declaration, a common stand that all people working with the party will take. The major policy here that instantly sticks out here is that the party will not celebrate any holidays that are religiously inclined.

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The party believes that those cultural and religious festivals are only used for political exploitation of the common man and gullible instead of what was it originally intended to do, spread a religious harmony. Therefore by not doing so Jana Sena will be honoring the now diluted cultural and religious festivals and will be showing them respect they deserve which is something that they have lost. Apart from that the only holidays it is going to celebrate are the Independence and Republic Days and the formation day of the two Telugu states.

Another important thing that it has clarified is that the party is already recruiting thousands of members in its fold after seriously going through a profile checking. This is a slow process and it will take time but as they are in for a ground level change and reform, they will be taking time in doing so. A training process too has begun involving the recruited members.

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On one side we hear about the party’s decision to side with a political outfit in the upcoming elections and on the other hand news like these are coming out which hints at something more serious being worked out behind the doors. Let’s see what Pawan Kalyan has to say all about these when he meets the people for the first time after the launch later in the month. Can the actor sustain all these activities on his own in the long run? What do you think? Share us your thoughts.