Pellichoopulu Collections, Pellichoopulu Movie Collections, Pellichoopulu Overseas Collections, Pellichoopulu First Day Collections, Pellichoopulu Nizam Collections, Pellichoopulu Ceded Collections, Pellichoopulu Andhra CollectionsTwo contrasting films hit screens this past weekend, Jakkanna and Pellichoopulu. They had contrasting views from critics too but public has shown similar love to both over the weekend.

The Sunil starrer braved the critic’s views and with people embracing it the collections over the weekend were steady. There is the expected drop today, though. On the other hand, Pellichoopulu which has relatively weak opening picked up big over the course of weekend riding on the wave of appreciation. If the occupancy today is anything to go by Pellichoopuli is a sure winner in long-run.

In the US, things have been pretty simple, the movie with better critical praise has succeeded where as Jakkanna has failed to even get decent openings. Pellichoopulu is expected to emerge a blockbuster in overseas.