Sandeep kishan-Oka Ammayi ThappaBalakrishna is such a big artist with great lineage and having one less than 100 films to his credit that giving shouts ‘Jai Balayya’ by his fans shows his immense fan base who are his die-hard followers.

When the anchor shouted ‘Jai Sundeep’ (referring to Sundeep’s fans) during ‘Okka Ammaayi Thappa’ platinum disk function, like ‘Jai Balayya’ which is very popular. Sundeep was quick to clarify that it is too soon to say his name in that way.

He also corrected the anchor saying that it is not his fans who shouted ‘Jai Sundeep’, but his friends who did so. We should really appreciate him as ‘fans’ is really a big word for him at this point of his career. It takes several block busters and an image to become worthy of such things. What say?