Jai Lava Kusa Audio - DSP Disappoints For Another BiggieA new Devi Sri Prasad album has arrived in the market. As usual, the initial expectation is if we can get the two or three decent songs. That’s how the recent track record has been from the musician.

Unfortunately, Jai Lava Kusa starts on the wrong note with only four songs. It means the probability of getting even two decent songs is reduced further. And that is exactly what we get on the album. There is only one decent at best number and it’s the opening song, Raavana. Apart from that song, the rest are poor and lazily rehashed versions of the music directors previous songs.

Not much was expected from the album, to begin with which means there isn’t a big disappointment. Everything now rests on how well these songs are picturized. Overall, if DJ was a bad album, JLK is worse. The two high profile films from Devi Sri Prasad have had below par music. Let us see if the music director can show signs of redemption with his next.