Jagapthi Babu working with a strategy

Post Legend, one of Telugu cinema’s evergreen romantic heroes, has turned rowdy with negative characters. Actor Jagapathi Babu is flooded with offers to play villain characters but he has a strong strategy in place to ensure a lasting career in the industry. Babu says he wants to take it one at a time and doesn’t want to repeat roles.

Currently, he’s playing a baddie in Ram’s Pandaga Chesko, and also has four big projects lined up in the offing. He says it’s very important for him to do a variety of roles to stay in the race. He says that audiences will get bored if he continues to play the similar roles. Therefore, he feels it’s very important for him to keep playing different roles as much as possible. It’s not only negative characters Babu is game for, even any strong character roles will impress him.

Babu confirms that he’s doing two films with top heroes. Now, who will that big hero be? Ram Charan, NTR or Allu Arjun? We will have to wait to find out.