jagapathi babu cheated by realtorsA while ago we heard a news about director Puri Jagannadh and his wife cheated by some builders regarding a property issue. The latest to allege he is being cheated by realtors is actor Jagapathi Babu. Jagapathi Babu filed a complaint with Baldia (GHMC) officials on the persons involved in the real estate business.

The story goes like this. Jagapathi Babu believed in the words of ‘Lodha Builders’ who are making their venture of building luxury apartments in Kukatpally area. They got the required permissions for their venture. According to the sought permissions, these builders have to build luxury flats in three blocks (out of five) with each apartment having 32 storeys. And the remaining two blocks would be built as ordinary flats of lesser value.

The builders have even revised their plans and submitted the revised plan to Baldia and got necessary permissions. But the problem arises in the fact that the cost of luxury flats is comparitively a lot more than the ordinary ones. The difference is very big. Hence, the price of the luxury apartments has come down considerably leading to loss for the customers.

Jagapathi Babu without knowing the reality about the revised plan got into this innocently. Though he complained on the cheating, the Baldia officials said they are helpless because ‘Lodha Builders’ got necessary permissions with necessary revisions to their plans. Hence he has to personally resolve the issue with the builders. OMG!