jagapathi-babu-balakrishna-legend-controversyFor some reason, Boyapati Srinu is never social media friendly. We see bitter critics even of his best films. In controversies like Boyapati Vs Koratala, people always tend to take Koratala‘s side despite the fact Boyapati never revealed his version.

But then, for once, Boyapati has got a strong support there. A video has surfaced in which Jagapathi Babu says how he is grossly insulted in Legend especially in fights where he never got to hit Balakrishna even once. 

He says the fights were supposed to be Lion Vs Tiger but it ended up not even as a deer or rabbit. He announced he would never do such films going forward. 

However, social media is unanimously condemning Jagapathi Babu in this issue. They are reminding him how Legend changed his life and is the reason for what he is today. 

They are also circulating the videos of how JB told the same about Legend on numerous occasions. They are criticizing him for burning the bridge after crossing the river. The criticism of Jagapathi Babu is from all fans equally.

For once, this is the worst moment of Jagapathi Babu after his second innings and also, Boyapati’s best moment on social media. 

Interestingly, Jagapathi Babu is also a part of Balakrishna – Boyapati’s Akhanda which is currently under production. Keeping aside the allegation, the timing is also very bad.