Jagan's-Government-Deliberately-Helping-Pawan-KalyanJanasena President Pawan Kalyan is in Amaravati the other day. Janasena is missing out on the action ever since the farmers in the Capital region are agitating against Jagan Mohan Reddy Government’s Three Capital Proposal. Pawan Kalyan is out of the country on a holiday and sprang into action as soon as he is back.

While going to Mandhadam village, Pawan Kalyan was stopped by the Police since the CM convoy is coming. After waiting for around 30 minutes, Pawan Kalyan was vexed and fired on the Police. He defied their orders and took a Padayatra crossing the barbed wires. While he is stopped at another place, he sat on a protest on the road itself.

Finally, he had to walk through the fields and reached his destination. The Police Overaction ensured that Pawan Kalyan got enough mileage in the media. Further, there are reports that they are even contemplating to file a case on the Janasenani for trying to obstruct their duty.

Political Experts say that all these attempts of the Police look like a deliberate act of the State Government. “The idea may be to prevent TDP from taking the mileage of the agitation. If Pawan Kalyan gets the mileage, the Government will be safe since they do not see Janasena as a threat for the upcoming local elections,” they opine.