Jagan helping Telugu Desam!

Wonder why YS Jagan will help his arch rival TDP? Here is how. Its a long standing allegation by TDP that Congress and YSR Congress entered in to an illegal nexus. If people believe this nexus, TDP will largely get benefited. TDP managed to take this in to people to some extent after Jagan got released from jail in illegal assets case. And now, Jagan himself is helping TDP indirectly in this aspect.

The young politician is constantly hitting under the belt of Chandra Babu Naidu than Sonia Gandhi or Congress High Command which is aiding the illegal nexus allegation. Also the actor recently took on TDP by visiting Nimmakuru (Birth Place of TDP Founder NTR) and Kuppam (Home Constituency of CBN). This behavior is sending a feeler that Jagan is targeting TDP more than Congress. Also the YSR scion’s earlier statements of joining UPA government and taking some important portfolios is coming back to haunt him. Jagan should rethink his strategy lest TDP should get benefited.