Suresh Babu - YS JaganJagan Mohan Reddy Government is looking to shift to Vishakapatnam for quite some time now. The government wants to take over the Ramanaidu Studios in the port city. The studio is situated in Bheemili on 34.44 acres of land given by the Government during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime (2001).

There are reports that the government is feeling it is a right to take over the studio since it is built on the land given by the government. Suresh Babu has responded to this in an interview. “Ramanaidu Studios is my personal property. Unlike this studio (Ramanaidu Studio in Filmnagar), Vizag studio is my personal property,” Suresh Babu said.

“Ramanaidu studio will be in Vishakapatnam in the same location. Back then, the market value is Three Lakhs and I paid five and a half Lakhs. It is my personal property and can do anything with it. But Government has the right to take any land in the state if public interests are involved. But for that they need to pay me compensation according to the law,” he added.

It looks like Suresh Babu is not ready to forego his land in a prime area for land offered elsewhere. In case the Government wants to take the lands, it should pay him three times the market value, according to the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Given the value of those lands, Andhra Pradesh Government is unlikely to go to that extent.