Jagan Effect: 30% Loss Already For RRRAfter several postponements, Rajamouli has locked RRR release date for January 7, 2022. The director waited this long as it needed a correct time as the film has good stakes on it. And that the theaters have also resumed in Maharashtra, the director locked Sankranthi arrival.

Being one of the biggest pan-India films, it is evident that RRR collections would be massive. However, even before the release, back home from the neighboring state Andhra Pradesh, RRR has already suffered a loss of 30 percent.

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The reason for RRR 30 percent loss is due to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s norm. Due to the ticket pricing limitations, the coastal Andhra Pradesh business has been reduced to 30 percent for six areas. Subsequently, this would create a dent on the collections. And one can’t expect humongous collections for these areas.

Recently, the interaction between Tollywood producers guild and the AP government was held. It was ruled that the government would come up with an online movie ticket setup seeking transparency.

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