Jagan Calls Chiranjeevi, FinallyThe Telugu theatrical industry has taken a serious beating, courtesy of the Covid pandemic. Adding to the woes, Andhra Pradesh government had recently passed a new GO, restricting cinema ticket prices to abnormally low rates.

Consequently, exhibitors and theater managements faced financial hardships, owing to the ticket pricing restriction. But the latest developments are suggesting that things might finally start to brighten up sooner than later.

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan has called for a meeting with Chiranjeevi and a Tollywood delegation to discuss about the ticket prices issue and also the other difficulties that are being faced by those involved with the theatrical industry.

On behalf of Jagan, his cabinet minister Perni Nani personally called Chiranjeevi and invited him for a meeting.

Topics pertaining to ticket pricing and revival of exhibition chain will be coming to discuss in this all-important meeting. Chiranjeevi, along with a delegation of Tollywood might be meeting with Jagan very soon.

Jagan didn’t pay much attention to the issues that are affecting Telugu theatrical industry up until now. But he finally seems to have decided to take matters into own hands. If he sorts out the ticket price issue, we can expect multiple Telugu biggies to line up for theatrical release in the days to come.