Comedian turned director Vennela Kishore’s second directorial Jaffa shooting is complete. Kishore first approached Brahmanandam to act and direct and he would be the assistant director. Brahmanandam’s busy schedule did not permit him and he insisted on Kishore directing the film.

“Brahmanandam’s bald head is the main ingredient of the film Jaffa. It was so good that I didn’t have to use reflectors,” says director Vennela Kishore. The movie reportedly was a spoof on ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. Kishore had showed three variations in Jaffa which is a journey of a most wanted criminal who didn’t do anything but is wanted.

Tagubothu Ramesh’s charcter and his conversation with Brahmanandam and Raghu Babu’s character is said to be among the major highlights of the movie.