Jabardasth-Review BOTTOM LINE 
Bad free make of Band Baaja Baraat

153 Minutes

Oh-No Rating

What is  “Jabardasth” about?
Jabardast is the story of Bairraju (Siddharth) and Shreya (Samantha) who start an event management company ‘Shreyas Media’. Within no time their company reaches heights. Slowly, Shreya falls in love with Bairraju who is only sensitive to money. Very soon, differences creep in between them and they part their ways. Bairraju along with Saraswati (Nitya Menon) start his own company while Shreya continues with existing company. Unfortunately both of them fail miserably. One day an opportunity knock the doors of them which requires both of them to work jointly. Will they join hands? Will Bairraju feel her love? forms the rest of the story.

Siddarth in Jabardasth
Is this a Siddharth kind of movie?
Siddharth so far had restricted himself to only love stories and romantic entertainers. For the first time he had attempted a mass comedy. His attempt should be admired but at they same time the home work is not sufficient. His acting looked artificial at many places.


How is Nandini Reddy’s direction?
Deemed as one of the most promising directors in Tollywood, there are substantial amount of expectations on this movie but Nandini failed to reach them. The saddest part is the movie is a complete ripoff of super hit Bollywood movie, Band Baaja Baarat. She tried to make minor changes to the movie to make it suitable to our audience. But she failed to establish the emotional connect between audience and the movie.

What about Samantha, Nitya Menon and the other actors ?
Samantha is cute and looked pretty on the screen. Her performance is superb as usual. There is no doubt in saying she will play a major part in the movie’s run.

Nitya Menon is good in the little cameo. She looked good and performance is adequate. Srihari in the role of Javed Bhai is good. There are numerous other actors like Thagubothu Ramesh, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Vennela Kishore and others. They have contributed their parts.

How is Dance, Music and Songs?
Thaman had provided good songs for the movie. Music is good as well but there are some instances where the back ground score of Band Baaja Baraat is also lifted. Choreography is neat even though there are no significant steps.

Sri Hari  in Jabardasth
1. Samantha’s terrific screen presence
2. Neat comedy
3. Twist in Nitya Menon’s character
4. Srihari comedy scenes

Thagubothu ramesh jabardasth-ReviewDrawbacks?
1. Free make of Band Baaja Baraat
2. Director failed to establish emotions
3. Siddharth’s overboard acting

Nithya Menon in Jabardasth
What about its box office prospects?
It is completely unethical on the part of Nandini Reddy to make a free make of Band Baaja Baraat. UTV had purchased the remake rights of the movie and is planning to do it in Telugu with Nani. And now Nandini had almost killed their prospect. And on the other side, she even failed to do complete justice the lifted script. Band Baaja Baraat is high on romance and feel which connects the audience with the movie which is completely absent in Jabardast. We will have to see how audience receive this.

Did I enjoy it?