Jabardast Guy Shines Big Time Alongside Ram CharanWhoever watched ‘Rangasthalam’, unanimously agree that every actor suited his/her role perfectly and did their part really well. Jabardast Mahesh is one of those guys who gave 100% to the character with impressive performances. He played a supporting role to Chitti Babu aka Ram Charan.

The guy literally shines with his performance which will leave a long lasting impact on the audience because of his involvement. In a couple of emotional blocks, Mahesh makes us literally cry when he expresses his emotions in a subtle heart touching manner.

Especially, he stood out in the two scenes when had to explain Ram Charan how his father was insulted by the President and also in the scene when he sees Chitti Babu carrying his brother’s body. Mahesh is a true talent and his role in ‘Rangasthalam‘ is a big revelation. Hope, big directors take note of his performance, give him offers and encourage him.