I've-Been-Lucky-About-Casting-Couch---Kajal-Aggarwal“I’ve been very lucky that I have never actually experienced anything and I don’t know whether it actually exists or not,” was Kajal Aggarwal’s immediate response when she was asked to respond on the ongoing casting couch issue.

She added, “We should teach our men to be more responsible rather teaching our girls to be safe. Teach the boys not to do this. It must start from our home when the child (boy child) is very young.” It’s a good response that received applause from the media persons who asked this question.

But then, we have Sri Reddy and will Kajal become her next target for denying having experienced that there exists casting couch in the film industry? We have witnessed how Rakul Preet Singh became Sri Reddy’s soft target because Rakul said that she was lucky enough for not experiencing anything like that.