It’s Venki versus Nag again - Draft

Once again Bava-Bavamaridi clash is going to be witness in theatres in two weeks time. King Akkineni Nagarjuna and Victory Venkatesh are going to release their respective films on same day, October 25, according to latest news doing the rounds in the industry. Audio of Venkatesh and Ram starrer Masala has been released yesterday and where as the audio of Bhai is going to hit the stores today.

Both the actors had a clash earlier in the summer as well when their films Shadow and Greeku Veerudu released with in a gap of week each. None could emerge as victorious then as both the films had failed but failure of Shadow was much publicized though thanks to director Meher Ramesh.

This time both are coming with good reputed directors while Masala is helmed by a veteran, Bhai is directed by one of the successful upcoming talent Veerabhadram Chowdhary. And here is an exclusive for our readers, both the films are remakes. While one is a official one, other one, sources say, heavily borrows a Malayalam film. Let’s see who wins the box office battle this time and which director is able to adapt the best. We would also like our readers to let us know which one of the two films they think in more interesting, the one which you would like to go to theatres first.