Pawan kalyan questioning Modi BjpWhen Pawan Kalyan’s third marriage news was making headlines and his political entry was highly debated on the lines of his three marriages, it was Renu desai who stood by his side and gave almost something like a character certificate for Pawan Kalyan. Time and again, Renu Desai tried to evade any pointing finger at Pawan for abondoning two wives and going for the third.

Though Pawan Kalyan never came out openly speaking up for ex-wife Renu Desai, he seems to be by her side. Many instances like sending best wishes to Renu on audio launch event of her debut directorial venture and attending their kids annual day function together say it clearly that Pawan keeps a track of his kids’ mother in a positive way.

Nevertheless, whatever she says on social platforms automatically gets connected with Pawan Kalyan and some self proclaimed moral police and judmental people keep on bothering and attacking her with the tag ‘ex-wife’. The latest, one person with twitter ID @NIFTYANDCRUDE was attacking her paying tribute to the Nirbhaya case rapist and when shocked Renu asked if he would do the same if his own sister or mother gets raped that way, that person started threatening her using ‘ex-wife’ of Pawan Kalyan as his trump card to attack and hurt her.

Seems, time has arrived for Pawan Kalyan to give atleast one mention of Renu Desai through his tweets so that she would be spared from the verbal attack weapon on her married status, the weapon which fickle-minded people feel easy to use on her. Fans are standing by her side and hope Pawan too makes it a bit simpler for her by standing by her, atleast once. What say?