RGV - Ram Gopal Varma - Vijay Deverakonda -Fake NewsRGV is one maverick genius who calls a spade a spade. What was his opinion and take on Vijay Deverakonda‘s fight against websites who have been circulating fake news on him?

RGV calls it utter stupidity to fight against fake news. It’s not the mistake of the owners of a particular media or website to circulate fake news because the mistake lies in the readers who made the fake news go viral.

At the end of the day, audiences and readers will believe what they want to believe no matter what Deverakonda explained about the fake news about him. The truth will find its way out and come out in its own time though at a slow pace, opined RGV.

So, according to the director, everyone knows Vijay Deverakonda and his popularity. The actor’s outburst about fake news would actually have increased the subscriptions of the website, said RGV.

Maybe, he is right. But, everyone can’t be RGV and make everything about himself. What say?