It's-Rajinikanth-Who-Got-The-Murderer-ArrestedLike cracking the murder mysteries using clues as we watch in movies, Nellore sub-division police used one clue they found from the CCTV Footage they had investigated to catch a murder criminal.

As the real story has got it, a 45-year old lady, Bhondili Nirmala Bhai was murdered and burnt mysteriously by an anonymous person to make it seem like an accident.

When the police saw the CCTV footage of that area for that particular day, they saw an autorickshaw with Rajinikanth sticker coming and leaving the place.

This sticker helped Nellore police track down the autorickshaw and arrest 22-year old Ramaswamy alias Rajinikanth who on investigation accepted the crime.

He stabbed her with a button knife for the sake of gold and money that was there with the woman who was living alone in that place after her husband’s death and kids living elsewhere for job purpose.

Looks truly filmy that the superstar’s sticker helped the police nabbing the criminal. The murderer must be Rajini’s fan. That’s why his nickname happens to be Rajinikanth and there was Rajini’s sticker behind the auto that helped the police.