trisha official about breakupOf late, a lot is being written on Trisha’s relationship with Varun Manian hitting road block and the duo heading towards splitsvilla. Lot of valid speculations on the reasons of their alleged break-up came up. The worst of all is Varun calling her implicitly a ‘slut’ on a social neworking platform and later deleting his tweet and followed by Trisha unfollowing him on Twitter.

Putting rest to all the N number of speculations, Trisha finally made the break-up official. She confirmed the end of the relation with her tweet saying that she is happy being single and thankful for the break-up. And that she did in style by expressing her amusement on the numerous speculations that started doing rounds for some days.

And for the reasons on break-up, she is tight lipped and hence gossipmongers are at liberty to continue their speculations as the actress is enjoying the stories woven round her broken up engagement with Varun Manian.

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