And the suspense is finally out officially. The unofficial news that had leaked out in the evening yesterday has been confirmed. Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna has become a proud mother through surrogacy. It’s a first as far as Tollywood is concerned.

Needless to say the entire Manchu family has been elated with this news. They are all happy with new bundle of joy in the Manchu household. This is the first child of Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna and it’s a girl. Mohan Babu is super happy with this news and has termed the new baby girl as ‘Mahalakshmi’ in the family. Reports are already out about massive celebrations planned by the family for the arrival of the baby.

Interestingly today is Father’s Day. Today kids give gift to the Father and the birth of a girl on this day is the best gift that could have been given to father Mohan Babu by daughter Lakshmi Prasanna. Congratulations are the order of the day and here’s the entire Mirchi team wishing the Manchu family on this wondrous occasion.