It's-Not-Personal,-They-Should-Have-Invited-Balakrishna---Director-TejaBalayya’s comments on him not being invited to a meeting with the government had stirred hornet’s nest in the industry. Naturally, people are taking sides but, Teja’s point of view seems to be sensible.

In an interview, Teja opined that one need not invite anybody if it was a personal call and industry would survive despite the biggies of the industry like it happened in the past when legends passed away but nothing came to a standstill.

However, it’s extremely important that all the industry biggies to be involved when there is a major decision or meeting to take place regarding making decisions about it. So, they should have invited Balayya.

Not only Balayya, everyone who is like a pillar for the industry needs to be involved, said Teja. “If it’s a private meeting, no one needs to ask.” Teja has this straight forward nature with proper logic in place. What say?