Director Ravi BabuRavi Babu is coming with another movie ‘Crush’ and he clearly says that his movie is intended for adults and might not be for the liking of the family audiences. So, he didn’t want to cheat the audiences with a soft trailer showing soft romance.

Maybe, some makers would show something in the trailer and there would be something else in the movie. Though it’s not cheating, it’s misinformation. But, he wants audiences to understand that his movie ‘Crush’ is like another experiment for him that he wants to connect to 18-year old audiences, young audiences between 18 to 35.

Coming to a controversy that his father was involved earlier, Ravi Babu feels that Chalapathi Rao’s comments indeed hurt many people and his personal opinion was to tend an apology without trying to justify the statement he made.

However, Chalapathi Rao chose to explain his comments, justify them and that wasn’t right according to his son Ravi Babu. That’s the only time he advised his father not to justify but it’s best to go for an apology irrespective of his intention behind the statement.