It's-Become-Mandatory-for-Girls-Sitting-on-Boys---Jeevitha-RajasekharNormally, newcomers into the industry try to invite celebrities who are popular so that they can promote their movie and get a word around their film’s release. But, the makers of ‘Degree College’ movie didn’t expect Jeevitha Rajasekhar to reverse fire on them for the kind of scenes shown in the trailer.

She was at the trailer release event and expressed her dissent on the kissing and making out scenes that were replete in the trailer. Jeevitha came down harsh on the current trend when college and youth backdrop movies like ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘RX 100′ movies have set in a trend when Telugu movies’ standards have gone down.

Sex will be nice if it in limits, i.e., if it is done in our bedrooms, according to Jeevitha. “Would you bath and have sex in your living room?” asked Jeevitha telling how uncomfortable to a few sections of the audiences to watch such scenes sitting among hundreds of audiences in a theatre. She also said, “It’s Become Mandatory for Girls Sitting on Boys, in our films.”

Her concern is something one must ponder upon as some filmmakers are seeing that their movies are replete with liplock and lovemaking scenes to attract young audiences. Some of these movies are cheap and look like soft porn adult movies. Is ‘Degree College’ one of those movies? Let’s wait and see.