Its Allu Arjun Vs NTRWhether it’s unintentional or intentional, two commercial advertisements of two different big and popular brands of cool drinks were released today and they happen to feature two leading star heroes of the Telugu Film Industry and they are NTR and Allu Arjun.

While the ‘Appy Fizz’ advertisement was shot on NTR, the ‘Fruity’ advertisement featured Allu Arjun along with Alia Bhatt. Both of them were equally impressive but, you know, how it would be between the die-hard fans of the two, star heroes?

It’s like NTR versus Allu Arjun and whose advertisement was the best. The marketing teams of the two brands released the ads on the same day making it look like a competition between the Nandamuri hero and the Allu hero. It’s a kind of marketing strategy.

Check out the ads and share your opinion on the two different brand endorsements. By the way, Alia Bhatt who is one of the heroines in RRR starring NTR (opposite Ram Charan) as one of the leads is seen with Allu Arjun in the Fruity ad.