Ever since the first teaser of Varma Garu Poyaru hit the web talk spread like wildfire that it was a film about director Ram Gopal Varma. Many even felt bad about the way the director was used in the teaser and felt it was done in a bad taste. It looks like the makers of Varma Garu Poyaru has got the whiff of strong criticism the teaser has incited and they have now clarified what the film is about.

The makers of the film clarified that the film has nothing to do with director Ram Gopal Varma and instead its about a producer. How a person who eats, sleeps and lives movies got into film making business and how he reacted when his film was leaked as piracy before the official release of the film remember Atharintiki Daredi?), is what its all about, says the maker. This is a film about piracy and how it is killing the industry and has nothing to do with Ram Gopal Varma whom we respect a lot, clarified the makers. Well, this should settle the nerves down of some frantic RGV fans.