I-Had-No-Virginity-When-I-Wanted -ShakeelaShakeela has made an adult content horror movie with the title ‘Ladies Not Allowed’. Censor Board of Film Certification has rejected the movie without any explanation. Miffed Shakeela is now going to Delhi to present her case before the tribunal.

Now, Shakeela decided to do a family drama as her adult genre movies are rejected. “Why wouldn’t audiences accept me doing a family drama?” questioned the actress who questioned whether she wasn’t allowed to make family movies.

The actress was totally miffed with Censor Board that allowed movies like ‘Cheekati Gadhilo Chilakkottudu’ and ‘Edu Chepala Katha’ that belonged to adult comedy genre with too much of vulgarity, but rejected her ‘Ladies Not Allowed’.

She said that her movie is like a non-veg film that is like a treat for her male fans and, as the title goes, the movie is literally not for ladies. Well, let’s see if she gets some respite at the tribunal or if she chooses to release the movie on an OTT platform.