It-Was-My-Worst-Decision---NayantharaToday, Tamilians call her Lady Superstar for a reason. She is indeed capable of carrying the burden of an entire movie on her shoulders with no big hero’s names attached to it. She is a self-made star who chose wisely and came up to this level.

But, she has her own regrets. According to a few reports that surfaced, Nayanthara who seldom gives interviews said something about her career’ choices in one of the latest interviews she gave. According to that interview, she regrets doing Chitra’s role in Suriya’s blockbuster movie ‘Ghajini’.

Asin was the heroine of the movie and Nayanthara was just like a second fiddle. She was given a different narration but in reality, it turned out to be quite different from what she heard during the narration.

She was also given second fiddle kind of roles in ‘Chandramukhi’ but her role got her registered big time unlike in ‘Ghajini’ that came after ‘Chandramukhi’. Sometimes, such things do happen. Some movies characters work but some don’t. ‘Ghajini’ worked out wonders for Suriya and director Murugadoss’ respective careers.