It-Was-a-Conscious-Decision---Saaho-DirectorWe have seen the teaser of ‘Saaho‘ beginning with a closeup shot on Shraddha Kapoor rather than on Prabhas. This was a conscious decision by the director of the film, Sujeeth. He had two options. But, he chose to begin his teaser with Shraddha.

Here, he wanted to imply that his heroine wasn’t a mere prop to appear in a couple of songs and romantic scenes. Shraddha also has done action sequences without using a body double. Looks like, Sujeeth wants us to know that his female characters are going to be as important as the lead.

There was a talk that there was less of Prabhas and more action. True. Even the opening shot of the teaser wasn’t on him. However, we know that Prabhas would be the actual crowd puller for ‘Saaho’ as a pan-Indian movie.

One film old director Sujeeth seems to be very confident about his action thriller. According to him, Bollywood stars including Shraddha Kapoor weren’t brought in for pan-Indian appeal but because they suit the characters they played.