Famous film producer, Tammareddy Bharadwaj, has shared his views over Pawan Kalyan’s proposed political party. He says that though it is a good move from Pawan, it is better if he doesn’t form a party now because it is too late.

As the elections dates have already come out, it will be difficult for Pawan to find suitable candidates in time. Pawan Kalyan, as a movie star has an exceptional image and many people respect him for his way of living. But his entering into politics can destroy all of it, said Tammareddy. If Pawan had initiated the party, some 6 months ago, it would’ve worked out very well but now, it is likely that he’ll be facing the same circumstances as his brother, Chiranjeevi did.

There is definitely a need of new party and fresh leaders because, we know that most leaders of present are fraudulent. It will be a shame to vote for such frauds and make them rule over us again, he exclaimed. Most of the current politicians are as close to animals, he spoke in annoyance. People must notice that though these fraudulent politicians are switching parties, they are still frauds and we must not vote for them again, maintained Tammareddy .