It is Official -Dangal Overtakes Baahubali 2The Bollywood film Dangal starring Aamir Khan has finally passed Baahubali 2 concerning worldwide gross. Both the films are above 1500 Cr Gross currently with Dangal being slightly ahead.

The incredible performance of Dangal in China has made this possible for the Aamir Khan starrer to make this possible. It earlier looked like a one way street with Baahubali 2 smashing all the records, but once the second weekend of Dangal in China started, everyone was taken by surprise, and it was pretty much sealed that Dangal would eventually overtake Baahubali 2.

With Dangalstill having steam due to the advantage of the market, the trade is expecting the lead to grow further and further as days progress. Will Dangal cross the magical 2000 Cr gross is what entire trade is looking forward to seeing now?