It Is Kumbasthalam Or Paathaalam For Ram CharanRam Charan is exhibiting a very intriguing yet dismal pattern. He is following up a blockbuster with a colossal dud. Wonder what’s the story behind it? Here is a look into the same.

Ram Charan scored a blockbuster with Rangasthalam and followed it up with a humongous dud, Vinaya Vidheya Rama. He then featured in Rajamouli’s humongous box office blockbuster RRR and again followed it up with a colossal failure, Acharya.

Of late, Ram Charan’s career graph has been a tale of two extremes. He is either hitting the Kumbasthalam (pinnacle point) or going into Paathalam (deepest trench). This is leaving his fans worried as well.

Charan’s fans are urging him to carefully plan his career and avoid taking impulsive decisions. They want their hero to have a balanced career graph. But again, that is how things are in the film industry. Every hero wants to deliver consecutive hits, but that is not how things work.