it-cost-peanuts-for-mammooty-for-fancy-number-for-porscheWe generally think that superstars have to bid very high to get fancy numbers for their car. Malayalam superstar Mammooty has this penchant for number 369 for his cars. He had acquired a sports car recently and bid for his favorite number.

Surprisingly the fancy number didn’t cost him much, it’s like the cost of peanuts for the actor. He got this number KL 7 CG 369 for his Porsche for just fifteen hundred rupees (RS. 1500). Can you believe it? You have to because it is the truth.

The changed auctioning system without calling for tenders is the main reason behind the fall in prices for fancy numbers. Though earlier Mammooty tried for 369, he lost it to actor Nasser. Now, he secured the number without much bidding even.