Many times it happens such that even good content and good performances fail to catch the audiences’ eye because of poor promotions. Many films previously have faced such ill fate only because of lack of proper publicity campaign. In spite of this fact, the makers of ‘Auto Nagar Surya’ seem to be going ahead on releasing the film abruptly without proper promotions. Though the music of the film was released a way back and got good talk, the film got out of focus due to getting postponed several times.

People who are part of the industry are wondering why the makers are going for this sudden step in spite of so many odds. One day a news makes headlines that ANS is in court and the next day the release day is announced and once again the postponing news and followed by censor certificate news. Admist all this confusion, targeting the audiences by planning proper promotional activities seemingly is being totally ignored. Even if the film has potential content and great performances, there is every chance that lack of publicity may play spoil sport. Let us hope that for all the struggle they have gone through audience will make ANS nothing short of a super hit. What say?