Ismart -Shankar - Teaser TalkPuri Jagannadh who has for the past few years become a makeover specialist is back with another stunning changeover for Energetic Star Ram. The teaser of Ismart Shankar is all about showcasing that change.

Right from the first frame, we see a new Ram, the get-up and the body language is different as one expects. The music accompanying the whole thing is in tune with the visuals and hence a better impact. And that’s about the maximum positivity we can muster up.

It is because, besides the get-up and the body language, we don’t get a clue about anything else. In a way, it is a good thing as one can’t write off Ismart Shankar with the teaser itself. It could be done given the recent past track record of Puri Jagannadh, but that would be doing a disservice. A great talent like him can always make a comeback. Only, the wait has been much longer in his case.

Since Puri Jagannadh has taken a long gap and this is only a teaser, we give Ismart Shankar a pass even though all signs point otherwise. Take a look at the teaser below. Ismart Shankar stars Ram, Nidhhi Agerwal, and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles. Mani Sharma provides the music. The mass entertainer from Puri Jagannadh is likely to hit screens all over in June. Here’s wishing Ram a very happy birthday and look forward to the Ismart Shankar trailer soon.