Freshly Registered Title: ‘Double iSmart’

Ismart-ShankarPuri Jagannadh was the happiest to reveal to a fan that he has already registered the title ‘Double iSmart’ for the sequel. Do you know who that fan was who asked and suggested Puri a couple of titles for the sequel? It’s Ram Gopal Varma.

This movie showed that the separate and dedicated mass fan following Puri enjoys is indeed intact despite his flop saga and when a genuine mass movie of his typical kind came out, they are on cloud nine.

Of course, there was genuine euphoria last night when the bookings seemed to be on a rampage. One would have even doubted that it must be a big star hero’s mass film. This time, Puri didn’t pour water on his dedicated fan base who were thirsty to get rid of the dry spell with a mass movie.

iSmart Shankar‘ took the advantage of that thirst and that reflected in the pre-release euphoria. Though the critics reviews said the movie was average with a routine formula, the crowd pulling capacity of the movie for the target audiences in the B & C centres can’t be doubted.

Finally, Puri got a breather and Ram must be happy for entering the real mass space. Beer Abhishekam on ‘iSmart Shankar’ poster at Jagadamba theatre in Vizag is enough evidence to speculate how the movie might fare in the coming days.

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