ism-flop-affect-kalyan-ram-puri-jaganFrom th beginning Puri Jagannadh knew that his film ‘ISM’ with Kalyan Ram is going to be tagged as one of Jagan’s routine movie. This would be the opinion of audiences after watching the first half. He wanted it to be like that says Kalyan Ram post release.

After the first 45 minutes, the hero’s character will be revealed as an investigative journalist and the second half will have weight because of the routine first half as there is a surprise factor in the second half.

Kalyan Ram says that he liked the frankness of Puri for saying that the first 45 minutes is going to be called as routine. According to Kalyan Ram, ‘ISM‘ is a different film and the hero’s characterisation and the revelation as a journalist is the highlight, though the audiences felt otherwise.