KGF 2 Yash Failing to Build a Big Star ImageRocky Bhai’s character from KGF became a cult of sorts with audiences all over the world. His swag, attitude, and ruthlessness became a phenomenon for machoism in Indian cinema. But Yash couldn’t replicate the on-screen persona of Rocky Bhai in real life.

Yash is promoting the sequel to KGF these days, and he is giving interviews and attending promotional events left, right, and center. What is to be noticed is that Yash’s real-life persona is completely opposite the character of Rocky Bhai. Yash is down-to-earth, shy, and very mild. He lacks that ‘wow’ factor that makes a superstar.

Yash is a huge star in Kannada, but outside the Sandalwood film industry, he is known only for the character of Rocky Bhai. It will be interesting to see what roles he will choose after KGF that will retain his star image outside the Rocky Bhai world.

Rocky Bhai is a Monster, but Yash isn’t, and maybe that’s why he is not able to create the aura of a Big Superstar among fans outside the Kannada industry. KGF Chapter 2 releases this week amid huge expectations. KGF Chapter 2 is expected to take a excellent opening across industries.