Vijayashanti - Mahesh BabuIn one of the recent interviews, yesteryear Lady Amitabh of the Telugu Film Industry said that her character in ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ is going to be on par with the hero’s character. She said that she had shot for 50 days already and 25 days of shooting is left.

Going by the number of days she shot for the film and the days she has yet to shoot, her claim that her character is going to be on par with the hero seems to be real. Vijayshanti said, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have shot for so many days.”

However, the big question is, will our Tollywood makers give that space when there is a star hero like Mahesh Babu in the film? Normally, all the focus will be on the superstar though there might be other characters that might be equally important.

Hope, her role wouldn’t get edited out. It will do good for the movie if her role comes out well, and she will definitely be an asset for the film as it has been a long hiatus for her from the big screen.