Director Goutham Menon terminated his assistant director for leaking the death news of Trisha on Facebook. You might be quite shocked to read the previous line. Coming to the actual point, Trisha is presently shooting for a Tamil movie opposite Ajith. She is playing his wife and Anushka is the main female lead for the film ‘Thala 55’. This is the fourth time Trisha is romancing Ajith.

Approximately a month ago, Goutham Menon’s assistant director of the movie leaked online that Trisha is playing Ajith’s wife and she will get killed in day light when she is driving a car on E.C.R road. This news shocked the audience. Who are the killers and why did they kill her? Ajith and Anushka investigate the murder and try to find the killer.

This is the outline of the story of ‘Thala 55’ starring Ajith, Anushka and Trisha. After leaking the news, obviously the asst. director got fired. At present, Trisha is shooting for the film and many doubts are surfacing if her character remains the same after the story had been leaked out. Did Goutham make any changes to the story line? Did he keep Trisha alive or dead in his story? Well, we have to wait till the movie hits screens.