Rang De Movie Tickets Price HikeRang De has opened to good numbers on the opening. It has collected around 4.65 Cr. If one factor in the shows cancelled in Telugu states due to ‘Bandh’, the numbers would be even more impressive.

In other words, the first day is a little less than anticipated due to the unexpected ‘Bandh’. Luckily, the word of mouth and talk for the film has come out positive. The reviews, too, have been appreciative overall of the ‘entertainment’ on offer.

It all means that the second day should see a jump or stay at the same level, considering the slight underperformance on the opening day. But that is not the case. The second-day numbers are around 2.6 Cr. And the trade believes that there is an external factor contributing to this lack of jump. It is the hike in ticket prices across the Telugu states.

The prices for Rang De are increased across the A, B and C centres. The hiked prices seem to be working against the movie. People don’t seem to be ready to shell out such huge amounts back to back.

Nothing against the makers of Rang De for opting for the hike prices. But it isn’t an advantage all the time. Not so when every conceivable movie with minimum buzz among the medium to high budget is doing the same.

It is common sense; some average movies would be affected in the process. We recently saw that with a couple of films. Rang De is better than those, by a mile, though. One can’t help but feel if it would have been much better without the ‘hike’.

Nithiin’s own Bheeshma comes to our mind, which did fantastically over the weekend with similar word of mouth as Rang De. The bottom-line is not all films need to have hiked rates. It will show high numbers, but obviously, the footfalls will be lower. And that would be disappointing with a movie like Rang De, which is liked by the audience.