Is this Yevadu’s only way out?
Yevadu starring actor Ram Charan was supposed to be the film that would beat Magadheera and start the blockbuster season again after a dull summer which was full of disappointments. Everything was going on smoothly and even the censor was completed and promotional material too was sent across the theaters. And then the Telangana statement happened which meant all plans went kaput.

Ram Charan meanwhile tried his luck with Zanjeer/Thoofan release but it backfired miserably making the team behind Yevadu even more cautious about the release date. And then again Atharintiki Daredi happened and things were back to normal. But the only available slot was taken by Ramayya Vastavayya leaving no room for Yevadu as the people behind the film were still undecided on the release.

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With no choice left the makers finally decided to release the film in December as November (post Diwali) is considered the dullest period for Telugu film running. But a new dilemma is facing the team now, Yevadu isn’t the same commercial proposition as it was when it all begin. Things have changed and people have other hot film to wait for. Spending heavily on promotions would only add to existing financial burdens of the maker’s, courtesy the long delay. So how can the makers revive interest among the audience and yet have no real financial baggage? This is where a clash is being considered as an option for the film. The makers are apparently looking to go ahead with a clash with Mahesh Babu starrer, 1 Nenokkadine to make the fans more excited and take up film more seriously.

However there is a small glitz here as well, which is the lack of availability of theaters. The makers of 1 Nenokkadine have already booked theaters for their film for a Sankranthi release unlike Yevadu team and this is a very important factor in today’s time when a film’s run is heavily dependent on the openings. Can the Yevadu team afford the opening loss? Do you want this clash to happen and if it indeed happens which one do you think will be the winner or will it be a repeat of Sankranthi of this year? From the sources we hear, it surely won’t be a repeat of Sankranthi 2013 (two winners), so time to pick a side folks, pick one and let the war begin!

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