Bheemavaram Bullodu joins Sankranthi raceIs Sunil starrer Bheemavaram Bullodu going to join the Sankranthi race, it seems it is if one were to go by the latest talks doing the rounds in the industry. The film which is directed by Uday Shankar has Sunil in the lead role with Esther as his heroine. Shoot of the film is complete and the makers are thinking of releasing this film for Sankranthi as well to cash in on the holidays.

The logic behind this seems to be a simple one, in the coming year even the time after Sankranthi will be crowded with a number of releases. If the makers post pone fearing competition, they aren’t going to get any respite in the future as well and on top of that they will have to deal with lack of holidays as well. So instead of releasing in competition without holidays the unit felt that it’s better to release the film in holidays even if there is competition as a then it could get benefit of the overflowing holiday crowd. With Suresh Productions behind it, getting a decent release shouldn’t be a problem for the team. What do you think of this last minute addition of Bheemavaram Bullodu, can it surprise at the ticket counter?