Tollywood ShootingSenior Producer Allu Aravind speaking at a Press Conference, the other day, announced that the shootings in Tollywood are likely to begin from October. This October thing is reportedly not some random thought and the industry biggies have chalked out a plan to make this happen.

“Shootings will begin from October. The plan is to finish all those films which can be completed for Christmas and Sankranthi. The other films will also take it up slowly. There is no way Industry can be in a standstill forever,” a source in know revealed.

“We also got an unofficial intimation that the Government may allow Theaters from September or October. We will be guaging the mood of the public for three months. We are hoping that some notable films should release for Christmas. If not, Sankranthi will be the target,” the source added.

“If the Vaccine becomes available by the end of the year as speculated, it should be business as usual by Sankranthi. In such a case, Summer 2021 will be the season to lookout for Tollywood. Having said that all these are unpredictable times. So fingers crossed,” they further say.