Is This the Real Attitude of Vijay Deverakonda?Last night, Vijay Deverakonda cried on the stage while speaking at the pre-release event of ‘Dorasani’, his brother’s debut movie releasing on 12th July. Normally, Vijay is known for his attitude and his power speeches, but this one was different.

However, last night it was different, and we have got to see the other side, the emotional side of Vijay Deverakonda. When it came to his family, he couldn’t hold anything and was like crying and reminiscing the journey of his brother.

We wonder if this is his real attitude. One has to agree that Vijay’s crying on his stage shows what it means to be talking about one’s family. He explained how he was not okay that his brother wanted to leave job with good earnings in the US and wanted to come to India.

Vijay was emotional and was crying when he said that Anand was taking care of the family, and sending the money from the US when he was still in the struggling stage in the film industry.

He also restrained himself from sharing the teaser, trailer or the songs of ‘Dorasani’ as he wanted his brother to see the world of cinema and get used to the kind of treatment every newbie might have to experience.

Vijay was candid when he revealed that he agreed to come for the pre-release event only after watching ‘Dorasani’. Maybe, Vijay is trying to make a point that he didn’t try to promote his brother for the heck of it because he is family.