Puri Jagannath and NTR, the duo are a perfect combination of everything which can be said as rough, sharp, breath takingly chilling and energetic. A film in their combination is sure to raise expectations from the audiences. Even though their previous combo ‘Andhrawala’ was a disaster, their individual images combine to give the chill to the audience anticipating the probable miracles their combination might dole out to us.

In ‘Andhrawala’ NTR was a bit on the plumpier side and sported a rough look with a remarkable beard. Recently Jr.NTR was spotted at the movie launch event of his brother Kalyan Ram’s production ‘Kick 2’ with almost the similar kind of rough look with a beard and seemingly has gained a few kilos even. This kept the onlookers and cinefolks guessing whether it is the new look of NTR in his upcoming project with Puri. One cannot say it for sure but as NTR’s immediate project is with Puri, the guess may also turn out to be right. What do you think guys?